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What is RPA?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

RPA is a new technology that is very powerful but also misunderstood. The acronym stands for 'Robotic Process Automation' which probably doesn't clear much up. RPA is a tool that automates the office work you do on your computer. Think of RPA as Software Robots, Business Bots, or Virtual Employees that do parts of your work for you.

So what can you automate? You can't (and shouldn't) automate everything. Your job is composed of tasks that require critical thinking and tasks that simply require you to follow step-step processes. Talking with customers, improving your product/service, and solving problems are tasks that require critical thinking. You cannot automate these activities. The parts of your work that are simply following step-step processes (click this, select that, copy this, open application, paste there, hit save, repeat 10x) can be automated.

Why automate those tasks? Those tasks are often time consuming, unfulfilling, and take time away from critical activities that add more value to a business.

What could you accomplish with more time in your day?


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