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MSFT Office Can Now Automate Your Work. Are You OOTL?

If you had a tool on your computer that could automate your work, wouldn't you want to be using it? You might be surprised to learn that this tool already exists in Microsoft Office!

Power Automate is Microsoft's tool that can automate your repetitive, paperless processes. When implemented properly, it is like a Digital Personal Assistant that does all your structured, back office work so you can focus on what is most important.

It does have limitations. It cannot problem solve or handle complex business problems. However, it can do all your work that is structured. Structured Work is the work that follows the same step-by-step process every time you do it. This is the type of work that you could tell anyone to do. It's often time consuming, unfulfilling, and takes focus away from your more important work.

What would you be able to accomplish with your own Digital Personal Assistant doing all your grunt work?


Ready to Automate Your Work? Get Started with a Free Business Evaluation:

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